This page describes how the Gigaset Nx70 devices are provisioned behind the Yeastar P-series. 

For this wiki article, we used:

  • Yeastar P550
  • Nx70 software 2.39.0

The Yeastar P-series supports up to 50 DECT handsets per DECT system:

  • N670 up to 20 Handsets
  • N670 with upgrade license can handle up to the Yeastar limit of 50 handsets
  • N870 can handle up to the Yeastar limit of 50 handsets

Therefore the N670 and N870 use the same provisioning template. 

Valid for:
First steps to connect Nx70
  1. Start with an factory default Nx70.
  2. During boot the Nx70 will send a SIP multicast and the device will be visible in the Yeastar web-interface.

3. Via the Edit button  configure your device

IP Phone

Automatic selected by Yeastar based on the user-agent. 


Yeastar offers a default provisioning template for a device. Custom templates can be created and if available, it will be visible here.

Assign Extension

Select the handsets and assign it to an Extension. Limited by Yeastar: up to 50 DECT handsets per device


  • Phone Web Language of the N870/N670
  • N870/N670 Tone selection: SETTINGS - Telephony - Call settings - Tone selection
  • Phone Password: The N870/N670 web-interface admin login password
  • Primary NTP server: SETTINGS - System - Date and Time - Time server
  • Time Zone: SETTINGS - System - Date and Time - Time zone

4. Save the configuration

5. The Yeastar should inform the N870/N670 about a new configuration and provisioning should be started. If this does not work then:

a. Download the provisioning file from the Yeastar web-interface.

b. Search for the provisioning URL in the file: Example: 
<!-- Provisioning URL -->
<param name="" value=""/>

c. Copy the URL in the N870/N670 (SETTINGS - System - Provisioning and Configuration) and start provisioning.

Firmware update

In the Yeastar web-interface go to: Auto provisioning - Resource Repository - Device firmware and upload the new firmware like the example below.

Go back to Phones and select your device and click on 

Known issues
  • Call transfer of external calls, results in disconnected call.

This can be fixed by changing the following setting in the Nx70.

In the web-interface go to: Settings - Provider or PBX profiles - Edit

Change Signalling options for 'Hold' in Session Description Protocol (SDP) to sendonly

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