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Release date:

April 2017





It is recommended to perform a WebUI-update (.cpio file) from version 1.x.x. to 2.x.x ONLY from system with a software version 1.1.3.

Please save a backup on an external memory before update!

Find here more information about this release.


If you're facing issues during or after the update, please contact your Gigaset pro support person or enter directly a ticket in our partner-portal.





Upgrade image (cpio)

Image Modified



When updating an existing 1.1.3 system to 2.1.1, the SIP-Gateway settings will change.

Please check BEFORE updating, if your provider is already certified for Version 2.1.1.


Beside the FXO or BRI/ISDN interfaces following SIP trunk providers are certified for version 2.1.1:







extended  ConnectRextended


To see the complete list of providers check out our ITSP interop pages.


After the update, check the status and the settings under

Administration --> Routes --> SIP-gateways and
Administration --> System status --> SIP status

What's new:


  • Better usage of screen
    • Reduced distance between the lines
    • Reduced black space on top and bottom of the screen
    • Removable menu-column (vertical menu)
    • Reduced font-size
  • Modal windows for edit-screens
  • Save/Cancel buttons always visible at the bottom of the screen/window
  • Improved impersonation mode, easier to switch between users
  • Multi-selection with user select drop-down boxes
  • Synchronized style to abbreviate long names in tables
  • Delete single entry from HOME-screen call-list
  • Easy search function in HOME-screen
  • Key assignment: Drop down box with users for BLF-keys
  • Autosuggest mechanism in several lists available
  • Device Provisioning: N720 Filter setting for user-assignment via Web-interface - Select "N720 all" to show all nobody users for N720, in order to assign users via WebUI
  • Device Provisioning: New option for BLF keys on Maxwell 3: LED color in green/red/yellow
  • Device Provisioning: New option for Call manager options for Maxwell 3, basic and 10
  • Device Provisioning: New key type: DTMF
  • Device configuration: New menu for users to configure their desktop IP phone with keys, ringtones, display and call manager settings.
  • Defining a huntgroup for doorstation calls - Maxwell 3 and basic are signaling doorstation calls with another ringtone (with official 2.13.5 release)


  • Update to Asterisk 13
    • Transport type TCP or UDP configurable
    • SIP port changeable in SIP transports
    • Secure calls with certificates using SIP transports
    • Updated conference-module

Device Firmware

  • N510 IP PRO: V238
  • N720 PRO: V100
  • Maxwell 3 and basic: V1.13.6

Checkout this page to upload new firmware files to the T440/640 PRO.

Following firmware versions are currently available: Maxwell 3+basic: V2.13.5, Maxwell 10: V2.5.33.1, N510: V240, N720: V108


  • Queue forwarding: Uploading announcements for queue full/timeout/empty now possible
  • Huntgroup: move users up/down after adding them
  • Passwords/PINs are now shown in correct style (password-fields)
  • '+'-buttons are blocked when standard parameter values on the same page were changed (to prevent wrong usage)
  • Activated G.722 codec for Maxwell 3 and Maxwell basic 

  • Increased maximum UDPTL packet size to 400 bytes for better compatibility with some VoIP providers

  • Modal dialogues don't show reload-popup when closing
  • Text corrections in several languages
  • Voicemail status correctly synced for listening via WebUI, voicemail system (80) and visual voicemail (device)
  • DHCP Client support (PBX can get IP-address from existing DHCP-server in the network)


  • Parallel ringing - Checkbox for external forwarding is not working - solved
  • Call completed elsewhere is not working - solved
  • Key assignment is completely empty when Gigaset phone provisioning is turned off - solved
  • Single quotes in Extension and Queue monitor can't be used - solved
  • Intrusion system doesn't work (suspicious IP-addresses are blocked for 24h) - solved
  • PBX doesn't send provisioning update to device after extension was changed in user-details - solved
  •  Can't generate certificates due to missing openssl config file - solved
  • Can't set CA certificate in transport edit - solved
  • Unregistered trunk between 2 PBX systems still want to authenticate - solved
  • Imported users don't have voicemail - solved
  • Imported contacts just have office numbers imported – solved
  • SIP gateway: Update remote party ID parameter is not saved - solved
  • Several (unnecessary) error messages and warnings are shown in logfiles - solved
  • Changes in SIP transports are not saved - solved
  • Visual voicemail can only be listened via receiver - solved
  • CTBA with Maxwell 3b not working - solved
  • Automatic handsfree for visual voicemail not working - solved

Known Issues:

  • Call recordings are not shown correctly in WebUI - Calls are recorded separately by the system, WebUI presents one entry for incoming and one entry for outgoing speechpath
  • No RTP in some environments when forwarding external calls to external - Workaround: use forwarding after timeout and/or advanced parameter 'inband_progress=yes'