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Release date:

October 2017





It is recommended to perform a WebUI-update (.cpio file) ONLY from system with a software version 1.1.3. (or higher).

Please save a backup on an external memory before update!

Find here more information about this release.

If you're facing issues during or after the update, please contact your Gigaset pro support person or enter directly a ticket in our partner-portal.




USB-stick image (hddimage):

Upgrade image (cpio)


When updating an existing 1.1.3 system to 2.2.0, the SIP-Gateway settings will change.

Please check BEFORE updating, if your provider is already certified for Version 2.x.x

Beside the FXO or BRI/ISDN interfaces following SIP trunk providers are certified for version 2.x.x






extended  ConnectRextended

To see the complete list of providers check out our ITSP interop pages.

After the update, check the status and the settings under

Administration --> Routes --> SIP-gateways and
Administration --> System status --> SIP status


What's new:

  • New Asterisk version 13.13 LTS cert4
  • New PJSIP version 2.6
  • New firmware for N510IP (V242), N720 (V108), Maxwell 3/b (V2.15.9)
  • Delete old devices from provisioning list
  • Remove devices from blacklist (Administration --> System --> System Settings --> Network --> Blacklist-Tab) 
  • Support of Maxwell Expansion Modules - detection and configuration via WebUI
  • STUN server configuration in System settings


  • XML phonebook adjustments
  • Extension monitor improvements
  • Device provisioning-template update
  • BLF / LUA improvements 
  • Next call anonymous working for N510/N720 and Maxwell 10
  • Click2dial from HOME screen working better with the callmanager settings of devices 
  • NAT support in SIP gateway improved


  • RTP issue with some providers - external IP-address in SIP transport not saved - solved
  • NTP server synchronization not working - solved
  • Call recording - recorded calls are shown correctly in WebUI - solved
  • Temporary greeting (voicemail-system) is not played - solved  
  • G722 transcoding issue - outgoing calls with DE-phones or DECT devices have oneway audio (PBX-user doesn't hear external party) - solved 
  • Voicemail - cleaned up options for all languages - solved
  • Blacklist - parameter adjusted, so devices won't be blacklisted - solved
  • USB stick can't be prepared with hddimage for T440 - solved

Known Issues:

  • MoH - when N510 user is putting an internal user on hold, MoH is not played (muted) - wrong parameter in N510 template - Workaround: deactivate g722 codec
  • Provisioning - PBX is not sending data to N720 - Workaround: Start provisioning-process manually in N720: Settings --> Management --> Miscellaneous --> Update Profile
  • Provisioning - Last key on Maxwell 3 and last key on expansion module are not provisioned.
  • Voicemail - wrong timer settings causes not recorded voicemails, when shorter than ca. 20 seconds - wrong value used in voicemail-configfile