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Release date:




What's new:


  • LDAP improvements:
  • Auto Provisioning: Handling non symbolic NVM items in XML files.
  • Syslog functionality improvements.
  • Enhanced logging functions.
  • Release media resources on handover bases after call release by DM-command.
  • Possibility to decrease DECT encryption in hostile environments (noise/reflection) to improve handset connection.


  • Auto Provisioning: Via HTTPS doesn't work
  • "Protect mode" feature was deactivated.
  • N720 requires authentication after any action in PBX control menu.
  • Fix re-keying vs. intracell handover problem in satellite. Improves stability of all handling in high load scenarios.

  • Fix logging error for call drops in IWU.

  • Reboot / black diplay after starting a call.
  • [LDAP: Black display] Multi session improvement.
  • XML menus not working any more.
  • [LDAP Black display] Read Search Result Done
  • LDAP Service not available
  • LDAP: Test name replacement from LDAP directory

Known Issues:

  • Default Setting: "Accept trusted certificates only" should be on "No" instead of "Yes"


titleImportant information

This Gigaset pro Release Candidate firmware is available as “beta” version only. By downloading this beta firmware, you accept and acknowledge that the firmware is experimental and that Gigaset can by no means guarantee its functionality. To the extent permissible by law, Gigaset excludes and disclaims all warranties, remedies and liabilities of any kind. In no event shall Gigaset be liable for loss of contracts, loss of business, loss of data (including but not limited to any and all costs for retrieving and restoring lost data), loss of interest, for lost profits or business interruption or any indirect or consequential damages, irrespective of the cause of action or the legal theory upon which such claim is based.

You can, of course, return to the official firmware at any time.


titleI have read the directions and would like to start the download process.

Online update procedure:

Via the N720 webpage:Image Removed

  • Settings » Management » Firmware update
  • Change the Data server URL to: 
    • ""
    • (Original URL="")
  • Click on the button: Image Removed
  • The field "Available firmware version of DECT Manager" will change to "**.084.**.***.**"
  • Click on: Image Removed

Using own HTTP server:

Click here to download the firmware files. Image Removed


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Download Firmware