Release date:




What's new:


  • LDAP improvements:
  • Auto Provisioning: Handling non symbolic NVM items in XML files.
  • Syslog functionality improvements.
  • Enhanced logging functions.
  • Release media resources on handover bases after call release by DM-command.
  • Possibility to decrease DECT encryption in hostile environments (noise/reflection) to improve handset connection.


  • Auto Provisioning: Via HTTPS doesn't work
  • "Protect mode" feature was deactivated.
  • N720 requires authentication after any action in PBX control menu.
  • Fix re-keying vs. intracell handover problem in satellite. Improves stability of all handling in high load scenarios.

  • Fix logging error for call drops in IWU.

  • Reboot / black diplay after starting a call.
  • [LDAP: Black display] Multi session improvement.
  • XML menus not working any more.
  • [LDAP Black display] Read Search Result Done
  • LDAP Service not available
  • LDAP: Test name replacement from LDAP directory

Known Issues:

  • Default Setting: "Accept trusted certificates only" should be on "No" instead of "Yes"


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