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Release date:

  • acc test v.236 in cw 12

  • error corrections and integration of missing translations in cw 13

  • generation of v.237 in cw 14

  • acceptance test of v.237 and PT Sync in cw 15

  • M3SW of 237 in cw 16

Improvements & BugFixes

  • Handset: Software Update over the air for handsets S650H PRO, SL750H PRO, R650H PRO
  • Handset: Support of new R650H PRO
  • Distiguish int/ext PBX numbers by ringtone on handset via alert info
  • CLIP/COLP update after call transfer
  • Web Configurator: Czech langauge added

  • Web Configurator: Change default selection "Call transfer by onhook" to yes

  • Directories: Now Use LDAP address book also during active call (for transfer purposes).
  • Directories: Refine search when using private phonebook fixed.
  • Directories: character set problems fixed with Gigaset T440/T640 PBX
  • Secure provisioning error fixed

  • When upgrading, some parameters are no longer set back to default.

  • TR069: Various corections, enhancements

  • Music on hold is now audible also after making 3rd Call Swap.
  • TLS: Implemented a switch to select between TLS v1.0 and TLS v1.1
  • TLS: Implemented a switch which to select which cipher suite is to be used for establishing an TLS session:
  • TLS: Added 23 new certificates, also new root- and intermediate certificates from
  • Russia: COLP: Cyrillic letters corrected

  • Russia: Email notification corrected

  • Russia: Menu to switch on/off AOH Clip

  • Russia: Web Configurator: now completely translated to Russian language

  • Russia: Web Configurator: Handset name can be now entered correctly, if PC set to Cyrillic

  • elmeg DECT150: Wrong caller ID after call transfer corrected

  • elmeg DECT150Wrong name is displayed on handset corrected

Known Issues:

  • Translations not complete -->BL237

How to update:

Via the webpage:

  1. Download the software and store this on your own accessible http server.
  2. In the web-interface of the N510: Go to: Settings  » Management  » Firmware update
  3. Enter the URL for the new firmware in the User defined firmware file: field
  4. Click on the button: Update firmware


Automatic (Online)

Change the Data server to:

Then if you press the Update firmware button the device should automatic find the Firmware.





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