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Release Date:

September 2019

Version: RELEASE


What is new?

  • Changed icon for Quick Dial function key
  • Display message if call is blocked due to Call Barring list
  • User Agent Header can be changed


  • Call log file increased from 30 to 50 entries
  • Function Keys: default active account is set by default
  • Function Keys: Show icon Yes/No is now also possible to change via the web-interface
  • Broadsoft: Flexible seating - now possible to logout after a reboot
  • Voicemail counter improved behaviour
  • The name of the function key type Line can now also be changed
  • Phonebook search improved
  • Function Key shows display name, not the dialled number/code
  • Added XSI phonebook option to left/right softkey (GPMB-6949)
  • Transfer popup behaviour improved (GPMB-6955)
  • DNS SRV+A (GPMB-6586)
  • DNS and re-register improved (GPMB-7320)
  • Vodia [Park + Retrieve] Cannot retrieve a call when no DNS SRV record (GPMB-7210)
  • [Vodia] When Vodia is selected as platform missed calls is not working anymore. (GPMB-7218)
  • [Vodia][3.13.6-release] [max3] SUBSCRIBE with event refer (GPMB-7179)
  • Maxwell 4:Implement Remote Control (GM-1231)

  • ...


  • Contacts not exported to file - fixed
  • Vodia: Park & Retrieve not working - fixed
  • Early attended transfer improved (3CX GPMB-7190)
  • 3CX - Maxwell 3 auto provisioning is not working. "Regression error" (GPMB-7194)
  • 3CX - CNIP not updated after call transfer - fixed
  • 3CX - Retrieve from parking is not working -  fixed
  • No missed call when call waiting off - fixed
  • TeleS - Blind transfer behaviour improved (GPMB-7193)
  • Broadsoft - Missed call list improved
  • Wrong QoS values when using TCP transport - fixed
  • MetaSwitch - Call ended after unsuccessful Blind transfer - fixed
  • Videostream from doorstation not shown - fixed
  • No Pickup when target has format 11-123456 (ext + customer number) (GPMB-7220)
  • [MAX 3] XML Directory - entries received aren't displayed (GPMB-7219)
  • PJSIP crashes after receiving UPDATE before answering the call (GPMB-7217)
  • [Broadsoft] Update feature synchronisation status after reboot. (GPMB-7203)
  • Lack of dial tone when outgoing call is performed (GPMB-7241)
  • Behaviour of WebUI response improved
  • ...

Known Issues

  • ...


Standard version


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