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Software 117, March 2022

Bug-fixes and improvements:

  • TLS 1.2 possible for auto-provisioning and access to XML phonebook but with limited cypher suites
  • Support of the latest handsets
  • Broadsoft

    • Groupcall - unable to answer call pressing green button only stops ringtone playing

    • XSI phonebooks do not work any more after upgrade of Broadsoft platform
  • Register request with Authorization Digest: QOP = "auth-init"

Software 116, November 2020

Bug-fixes and improvements:

  • Auto-provisioning, HTTP digest use HTTP credentials before factory credentials when configured
  • Reboot fix

Software 115, March 2020

Bug-fixes and improvements:

  • Stability improvements

Software 113, April 2019

Bug-fixes and improvements:

  • Stability improvements

Software 112, November 2018

Bug-fixes and improvements:

  • Add 7 extra characters for CLIP/CNIP length.
  • Broadsoft: SIP Subscribe failover/DNS improvement.
  • Broadsoft: Device should not come back to primary server during a call
  • * is not saved in Redial list

  • Blind transferee role does not work
  • Broadsoft incorrect XSI credentials are send.

Software 111, May 2018

Bug-fixes and improvements:

  • 2 way-TLS: Client authentication activated by default. Self generated client certificate (if switch BS_IP_Data.ucB_GENERATE_CLIENT_CERT = yes). Generation at boot up of device.
  • Broadsoft N-way Conference
  • 'Maxwell C' desktop phone with DECT interface - full support
  • After call transfer to busy phone, the recall has no audio (RTP) - problem fixed

  • After successful call transfer, "recall" returns to transferor handset - problem fixed

  • Broadsoft - Phonebook (XSI): Not possible to dial a number from "group" directory - problem fixed
  • Broadsoft - Phonebook (XSI): Enterprise phonebook - cannot dial extension number - problem fixed
  • SIP URI dialling - problem fixed

Software 110, January 2018

Bug-fixes and improvements:


Software 108, April 2017

Bug-fixes and improvements:

  • Show the configuration settings per default for internal number length in webui.

  • Remove expired/not -needed certificates

  • Passive blind/semi-attended transfer improvement

  • Restart of system

  • LDAP search - Slavic characters are displayed wrong

  • Metaswitch toggle

  • Possible to enable G.729 annex B, although G.729 is not present on the codecs list


Software 105, January 2017

Bug-fixes and improvements:

  • Support for certificates signed with SHA384 and SHA512 added
  • New cipher suites were added:

    • TLS_RSA_WITH_AES_128_CBC_SHA (0x002f)

    • TLS_RSA_WITH_AES_256_CBC_SHA (0x0035)

  • CLIP/COLP update after CTBA problem fixed

  • G729: 30 channels activated


Software 102, November 2016

Bug-fixes and improvements:

  • IPUI based handset registration improvements
  • Bugfixes and improvements:
  • SIP User ID and password entry field lenghts enhanced to 74 characters
  • Web Configurator: also in Turkish language
  • Web Configurator: password via provisionig can have up to 20 characters lenght
  • Web Configurator: German translation corrected for "Hold on Transfer Target" to "Halten zum Transfer-Ziel"
  • Swyx: Web configurator now also accepts ##10 as voicemail number
  • Starface PBX and Gigaset T300/500: Registration problem fixed

  • Russia: CLIP problem fixed

  • LDAP: Problem with German special characters fixed

  • LDAP: Number in brackets no longer leads to wrong number dialled

  • Online directory names now displayed correnctly when they contain German or Polish special characters

  • Secure provisioning via https now also possible with larger file sizes

  • DHCP Option 66: If the NVM variable BS_IP_Data1.ucB_USE_DHCP_66_IF_114_NOT_AVAILABLE == 0x01 the "Data server" will be constructed out of DHCP Option 66 concatenated with Option 15


Software 101, September 2016

Bug-fixes and improvements:

  • Distinctive Ring: Distinguish internal/external PBX numbers by ringtone on handset via alert info. (Group and Door are not supported)
  • Upgrade protection mechanism.
  • Access code improvement.
  • Secure provisioning, no additional reboot is needed to accept certificate.
  • Nordic Tone schemes
  • Add Call progress tone for Sweden
  • Support of Cyrillic symbols
  • Handle special characters Å, Ä and Ö in Display name for handsets
  • Add Root- und Intermediate-Certificate CA ""
  • CLIP update improvements
  • Provisioning URL longer then 74 characters
  • LDAP improvements
  • R410H PRO and E49H - when going to the call list the system will reboot. 
  • General Bugfixes
  • Restart behind some platforms.

Software 98, March 2016

Bug-fixes and improvements:

  • New upgrade/memory management system
  • XML phonebook White/Yellow pages search field City optional.

  • CLIP update improvements.
  • LDAP:
    • S650H requesting LDAP via INT button makes N720 reboot.
    • No connection to LDAP server after some days.
    • Sometimes handsets cannot access to LDAP phonebook.
  • SIP / RTP improvement.
  • Instability when CLIP name contains special characters.

Software 89, August 2014

Bug-fixes and improvements:

  • Full save and restore of DECT manager settings
    Creating backup file, which includes whole device configuration, including base stations and handset registrations. Possibility to restore configuration into new device (new HW), if the original collapse.
  • Visualization tool - installation inspection via Web Configurator.
  • New Broadsoft parameters:
    • Config file URL: S_CONFIGFILE_URL
  • Maintenance improvements
  • User specific LDAP

Software 84, March 2014

Bug-fixes and improvements:


Software 78, December 2013

Bug-fixes and improvements:

  • LDAP improvements:
    • Edit max. number of search results in web interface 
    • Problem fixed, that in some LDAP configurations only restricted number of entries is shown in the search result list
    • LDAP search with special characters (ä,ü,ö) is now possible (via Options menu)
    • Switch name replacement on/off by web interface ('Mobile device' settings page)
    • Use display format settings for name replacement, header and list of search results
    • In search result list, if user presses the 'Option' display key and then 'View', the user defined parameters will be applied.
  • Stability improvements
  • Acccept certificates automatically
  • System log output improved (Web Interface: Management/System log) 
    • Changed message list implementation: reduced memory fragmentation & fast algorithms for list management (e.g. no loops) – Now syslog client can handle big lists efficiently.

    • Added message serial number to indicate how many messages are lost.

    • Changed principle how messages are added to full list: first message that is less important than the new one, is removed. If all messages in the list are more important than the new one, then the new one is rejected.

    • Enhanced list size

    • Special handling of syslog messages indicating LAN performance problems.

  • Base station events: Improved wording for event categories on web interface:

  • Network and connectors/Base station events

Software 77, December 2013

Bug-fixes and improvements:

  • Accept certificates automatically (https, general default setting)
  • LDAP 
    • Name mapping to Innovaphone PBX
    • Only 13 LDAP directory entries are shown in the list
    • If the additional attribute is a number, it is not possible to dial this
    • Create setting to switch name replacement on/off
    • Search with special characters (ä,ü,ö) is not possible 
    • Not working with 20 x E49H connected to N720
    • Configure the max. number of search results in Web UI
    • Use display format entry for name replacement, header and list of results of search
  • 'Conference' entry shall be removed in 'Options' menu in online state
  • Stability improvements
  • Wrong identification in network with default config

Software 73, August 2013

Bug-fixes and improvements:



  • Entry display format configuration was added
  • Display in list mode improved
  • Business number is viewed on top in detailed entry view

XML Directories:

  • Character based search (similar to LDAP)
  • Displaying search results in list mode (similar to LDAP)
  • Business number is viewed on top in detailed entry view

HS compatibility

  • New handset retail compatibility on GAP+ level was implemented
  • R630 PRO full compatibility approved


  • Improvement Gigaset T300/T500 provisioning
  • Instability issues solved
  • Hidden firmware update problem solved
  • Network directories issues solved
  • System reboots after >65000 calls

Software 68, March 2013

Bug-fixes and improvements:



  • Broadsoft-Provisioning:
    Download configuration files over HTTP using BroadWorks Device Management (MAC or digest authentication can be used).
    Following HTTP download scenarios are supported with the BroadWorks XSP topology permutations: XSP IP Address, XSP FQDN, XSP Cluster FQDN
  • Plain XML provisioning

Gigaset PBX T500 PRO / T300 PRO

  • Info page can be accessed without password, needed for Auto-provisioning.
  • Ad hoc conference supported
  • Gigaset PBX Manager supported by PRO handsets (SL610H PRO, S510H PRO). Feature control via handset menu:
    • Identity management / Hot Desking
    • Calls lists
      • missed
      • incoming
      • outgoing
    • DND
    • Selection of CLIP number to be shown
    • Group call settings
    • Call divert
    • Visual Voicemail
    • Selective phonebook search for all available directories (also LDAP)
  • Corporate directory: now also “business number” is supported

MWI signaling on handset

  • Enable/disable MWI notification for each handset individually
  • Configure the MWI notification for different message types: missed calls, alarms, E-Mail, mailbox
  • Missed/accepted calls count can be deactivated for each handset


  • DECT range extension by architectural improvements
  • Call Manager: ‘Accept calls via Handsfree' is now default setting in Web Configurator
  • Handset registration PIN can be defined by admin (e.g. 0000 for DECT headset registration).
  • Handset model name and software version is shown for registered handsets in Web Configurator
  • Operating days counter is no longer reset to 0 after firmware FW update
  • Supplementary services: Now also control codes leading with # can be dialed
  • Access Code usage conditions can be selected: always / Net Directories / Call Lists / Net Directories and Call Lists / never
  • TCP port number: After start-up no longer always the same TCP port number is used, but is randomly assigned


  • Corporate Net Directory search (LDAP,): Show search string in handset and update results accordingly
  • Net directory: length of URL enhanced to 255 characters
  • Public Net Directory search: Entries for city are no longer shown on all handsets, but only on handset where they have been entered
  • LDAP Directories:
  • In the Web Configurator you can specify now, which of the available attributes from the LDAP database are to be queried and displayed on the phone
  • User can scroll through list of found entries
  • Attribute ‚streetAddress‘ added
  • Search string length enhanced to 250 characters



  • Broadsoft provisioning: It is now possible to download .xml file from Broadsoft server when digest username/password authentication is used