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Software 42.240, November 2016

Bug-fixes and improvements:

  • LDAP:
    • autolookup problem solved / LDAP buffering
    • character set problem fixed
    • various problems fixed
  • SUOTA problem fixed
  • Base no longer resets while specific address is set in configuration file (URL)
  • Occasional reboot after 'No entries found' popup fixed 
  • Innovaphone PBX registration problem solved
  • Web configurator also in Turkish language
  • Russia: CLIP problems fixed
  • Russian/Czech translations corrected
  • Nordic language special characters in display name improved
  • "Configuration file (URL)" input field can be locked
  • Caller ID update after call forwarding behind "Deutsche Telekom Digitalisierungsbox" problem solved
  • Metaswitch: Configuration file URL length enhanced to 255 characters
  • SIP Authentication name field length enhanced to 74 characters
  • Broadsoft: Codec renegotiation optimized
  • Broadsoft: No RTP after long 'on hold' state problem fixed
  • Long names in name replacement improved
  • Provisioning parameter problem solved
  • Provisioning handset name truncation to 9 characters problem solved
  • Secure provisioning via https is now also possible when XML has more than 200 lines/parameters
  • In rare cases, handset did not terminate call when external subscriber hang up behind "Deutsche Telekom Speedport 724V" 
  • Online directory improvements
  • DNS SRV:
  • Auerswald 5000R PBX: One way audio problem fixed


Software 42.238, May 2016

Bug-fixes and improvements:

  • Handset: Software Update over the air for handsets S650H PRO (min BL60), SL750H PRO (min BL61), R650H PRO
  • Handset: Full support of new R650H PRO handset
  • Distinctive Ring: Distinguish internal/external PBX numbers by ringtone on handset via alert info. (Group and Door are not supported)
  • CLIP/COLP update after call transfer
  • Web Configurator: Turkish, Czech language added

  • Web Configurator: Change default selection "Call transfer by on-hook" to yes

  • Directories: 
    • Now Use LDAP address book also during active call (for transfer purposes).
    • Refine search when using private phone-book fixed.
    • Character set problems fixed with Gigaset T440/T640 PBX's
  • TR069: Various corrections, enhancements 

  • Secure provisioning error fixed

  • Music on hold is now audible also after making 3rd Call Swap.

  • TLS: 
    • 23 new certificates added, also new root- and intermediate certificates from
    • Switch to select between TLS v1.0 and TLS v1.1
    • Switch which to select which cipher suite is to be used:
      • RSA_WITH_RC4_128_MD5
      • RSA_WITH_RC4_128_SHA
  • Russia: various bugfixes and improvements


Software 42.231, December 2016

Bug-fixes and improvements:

  • New handset SL750H PRO has full compatibility
  • TLS: Optimization of the "Private Key Generation" procedure

  • Optimized security by disabling IP dialling

  • Include MAC address in UA-header
  • XML phonebook - White/Yellow pages search field: 'City' now optional

  • VOIP INVITE with send only not accepted by TELEKOM server

  • Only 'All DECT' handsets option is available in  'Call Forwarding' list after registration to base station

  • Exception occurred when handset was deregistered or when send connections were changed

  • It is not possible to set own area code number in case option 'Other Country' has been selected
  • SIP/RTP  port range configured in Web Configurator is not used in case of "Use random port  mode = on"
  • Bug in VoIP Wizard
  • R630H PRO and SL610H PRO Call list is closed after few seconds
  • Starface PBX manager is not working
  • Unwished deleting of message waiting indicator with call lists
  • Copy phone number from call list to directory is not always possible –   phone comes back to Idle
  • Wrong caller ID after call transfer
  • TR-069: Change format of software version
  • TR-069: Change ProductClass/Modelname
  • Handset name provisioning with special characters leads to incorrect result in WebUI.

  • Special characters are not provisioned correctly.

  • BS sends Busy signal to server, when 1 call is running on INT2 and another comes in for another SIP profile on INT1, when Call waiting is deactivated.

  • If INT2 is in an external call, then no external connection to INT1 is possible. INT1 is busy.

  • SIP Session Timers according the RFC 4028: Session-refresh is now preferred via UPDATE, if supported by both peers


Software 42.210, February 2016

Bug-fixes and improvements:

  • New handset support:
    • Gigaset S650H PRO full support
  • Web Configurator: Firmware update page can be hidden by provisioning parameter
  • SIP Session Timers implemented according to RFC 4028
  • Blind transfer: Improve behavior when device is blind transferred by another party
  • NL - RoutIT: 2 - 3 seconds delay of audio path after call pickup

  • Broadsoft/Telepo: only 2 of 4 handsets are ringing in call group
  • DTMF problem behind Sonus gateway fixed

Known Issues:

  • Reboot occurs after de-registering handset
  • Gigaset T300/T500 PBX: Handset name is not replaced after provisioning to Celsius server
  • Copy phone number from call list to directory is not always possible – phone goes back to idle
  • After firmware update system PIN is changed to default '0000'


Software 42.207, October 2014

Bug-fixes and improvements:

  • Added support in TR 069 for Device.DeviceInfo.ModelName and Device.DeviceInfo.HardwareVersion
  • Introduced hard-coded languages in WebUI for Germany, Polish, French, English (no need to download language package)

  • Implement Periodic Inform over SSL

  • Implement SW downgrade using TR069

  • Multiple access to WebUI using HTTP digest (as a User and Administrator) 

  • WebUI HTTP digest password is in sync with TR069 connection request password

  • Sending HTTP digest auth retransmission in the same TCP streams

  • implemented 2-way authentication over SSL connection 
  • Multiple access to LDAP (only for N510)
  • TR069

    • TR069 if HTTP digest has been configured together with TLS

    • Reboot and Factory Reset for Smart Motive certification

  • Aligned translation for Eco Mode and Eco Mode + in WebUI to use new texts - Maximum Range and No Radiation

  • Display message "Provider registration failed"
  • 2 to 3 seconds delay of begin of audio path after call pickup


Software 42.199, June 2014

Bug-fixes and improvements:

  • Corrected vCard Transfer via WebUI with special characters
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements
  • Timer change to 300s retry: phone fails in SIP Registration unable to be authenticated.
  • No (dial)tone in certain call stages.
  • When using TCP as transport protocol, the BS does not send BYE to the sip server.


Software 42.196, April 2014

Bug-fixes and improvements:

  • TR069 - option 43 implemented
  • Fall Back to PSTN when SIP not available
  • SIP USER ID in HTTP GET request
  • If protocol settings in web-interface is on TCP but DNS answers with UDP, the web-interface settings are used.
  • BROADSOFT: New parameter <I_PHONE_SYSTEM>
  • BROADSOFT: CHECK-SYNC processing change
  • BROADSOFT: HTTP digest
  • BROADSOFT: Provisioning authentication
  • BROADSOFT: <MAC_ADDRESS> processing change
  • LDAP: Special character search
  • LDAP: Use display format entry for name replacement, header and list of results of search
  • LDAP: Create setting to switch name replacement on/off
  • LDAP: 12. If 'now show' flag is set, do not show the tagged entry
  • LDAP setup - Username field not long enough
  • Email: SSL problem solved
  • No dial/ringing tone in some call status behind some providers/platforms
  • Device not visible in web-site
  • Auto provisioning: Device doesn't get extended profile after factory reset.
  • Initial SIP request might have wrong public port, authenticated repetition is correct
  • Reboot possible when call forwarding at Broadsoft (Connect with Hold)
  • Reboot after SIP account registration
  • When using TCP as transport protocol, the BS does not send BYE to the sip server
  • HOLD "to terminal" not working properly
  • Base indicates "busy" when the caller terminates the call


Software 42.194, November 2013

Bug-fixes and improvements:

  • Improved handling of SIP notify messages (Call ID-changed) behind 3CX
  • Device sends double DTMF tones.


Software 42.192, October 2013

Bug-fixes and improvements:

Known Issues:

  • Double DTMF tones are send


Software 42.194, November 2013

Bug-fixes and improvements:

  • Improved handling of SIP notify messages (Call ID-changed) behind 3CX
  • Device sends double DTMF tones.
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