Premium Interop

N870/N670 Interop

Premium Interop will offer you additional Feature sync of our Gigaset Devices. With the option feature sync, the displayed feature status of telephone features are synchronized with the server feature status. So when the feature is changed using the user web-interface (user portal) than you can see this on the display of the device.

Advanced Interop

N870/N670 Interop

Advanced Interop will offer you additional Auto provisioning of our Gigaset Devices.

Interop IP devices Teles

Standard Interop

N870/N670 Interop

The Standard Interop will offer you the Basic Call features like: Incoming Calls, Outgoing Calls, Call Transfer, CLIP / COLP, Call Waiting, Call Hold / Toggle, Do Not Disturb, Call Forward (CFU / CFNR / CFB), DTMF, Conference Call.

Interop IP Devices Voiceworks